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  The Lord Jesus Christ  
  A collection of distinct materials on the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ.  

The Curse of Coniah and Christ’s Genealogy  The virgin birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ, was an absolute necessity, judging from the genealogies. At first glance the opposite seems to be the logical deduction. Why should His descent be traced back to David and Abraham unless He was their natural Heir? Why go back to Adam unless He had a perfect pedigree? Authors include: John Cale, Joseph Hartill, A.E. Knoch and Fred Meldau. 76 Pages.
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Harmony of the Last Week, The: A Complete Rearrangement of the Last Week in the Life of Christ (#0059) by Eugene Charles Callaway. A detailed expose of “Good Friday” and “Palm Sunday.” In a 25 year study of the “Passion Week” Callaway identified 40 common errors traditionally held. His investigation resulted in this deep and comprehensive work. -- 247 page Paperback $19.95

Sermon on the Mount, The: and The Gospel of the Grace of God (#3437) by C. R. Stam. 119pp HB 9.95

The Real Story of Jesus Christ's Birth: An in-depth biblical and historical look into the truths surrounding the birth of Jesus (#4488) by Paul R. Pontis. Leave it to religion to get things all messed up. It can't even get the plain story of the birth of Christ correct. This work contains a wealth of historical and scriptural knowledge, effectively displacing commonly held traditions and legends surrounding the birth of Christ. Besides being enjoyable to read, this work is also a valuable reference guide. 158pp. PB $12.95

Messiah in Both Testaments (#2459) Dr. Fred John Meldau (1899-1969). The most amazing drama that ever was presented to the mind of man – a drama written in prophecy in the Old Testament and in biography in the four Gospels – is the narrative of Jesus Christ. This outstanding reference work addresses all the major Scriptures in the Old Testament that foretell of the coming Messiah, as well as the fulfillment of those prophecies in the New Testament. It is a fantastic summary of specific, detailed prophecies made about the coming Messiah, and how they were fulfilled in a specific, detailed way in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, hundreds of years after they were first given. It will provide insight as to how the Scriptures have successfully withstood so many assaults against its veracity over the centuries. Paperback. 96 Pages. $9.95

No Equals! Reasons Why Our Heavenly Father has No Equals or Co- Equals & Why “the Holy Spirit” Is Not a “Person” Separate from the Only True God, the Father (#3470) A compilation of two easy to understand titles exposing the error of the Trinity teaching. 56 page PB. $4.95

Who Is Jesus? A Plea for a Return to Belief in Jesus, the Messiah (#4261) by Sir Anthony Buzzard. This is a work that dispels the error of the Trinity. Paperback. 48 Pages. $6.95

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