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As many of our readers are aware, we have occasionally sent out emails offering a Free Shipping Weekend on book orders. We were able to make this offer at no cost to us, because the company that we use to print our books also occasionally offered to us free shipping. During these instances we would pass on to you these same savings opportunities.

This has become such a regular occurrence with our printer that we are now making Free Economy Shipping our standard. We are now also able to remove the minimum order amount to qualify for the Free Economy Shipping. Thus now free shipping is offered on US orders, regardless of their size, when choosing the economy mail option, as well as for many foreign orders on items that we publish.

Since orders with this option will not be shipped from us, order fulfillment and arrival may take 2 weeks or longer within the U.S. To receive orders more quickly we will continue to offer Priority Shipping for an added fee.

Since our Free Economy Shipping policy is offered contingent on our printer continuing their offer, it is always subject to change at any time.



Free Economy Shipping on US orders (No minimums on order).

USPS Priority Rate - 25% ($7.99 minimum postage)

USPS Express Mail - (Envelope - $22.99)




Notice to Foreign Customers:

Our printer does have some international locations. Therefore we will do our best to extend the Free Economy Shipping to our foreign customers as well. This of course will apply only to items that we actually publish. For items not published by us, or in instances where our customers live in areas not supported by our printer, we will calculate the actual postage and submit an invoice for that amount to our customers.

All foreign orders that are placed through Paypal currently have incorrect shipping and handling calculations. This is because at this time we can only set up the Paypal checkout for US shipments.

After placing an order for shipment outside of the US through Paypal, your correct postage will be calculated and you will be sent a Paypal payment request for the additional postage amount.

Shipping to Canada

Free Economy Shipping on Canadian orders (Books Published by Us Only).

USPS First Class - under 2lbs (20% - $8.99 minimum)

USPS Priority Envelope - up to 4lbs ($24.99)

USPS Priority Mail - over 4lbs ($23.49 + $2.49 per pound over 5lbs)


Most other Foreign Shipping

Free Economy Shipping on Foreign orders (Books Published by Us Only).

First Class - under (25% - $11.99)

USPS Priority Envelope - up to 4lbs ($34.99)

Priority Service - over 4lbs ($37.49 + $7.99 per pound over 5lbs)

($11.99 minimum or actual cost whichever is greater. If you are paying with a credit card and the amount is greater than 25%, you will be charged the 25% at the time of processing your order, and then an additional charge will be made for the additional actual postage amount).



If you would like to insure your order you may do so at the following USPS rates:

$50 ($1.70) $100 ($2.20) $200 ($3.20) $300 ($4.60)

We recommend insuring your order. We cannot be held responsible for the U.S. Postal System’s handling of your package. If you order without insurance and the U. S. Postal System loses or damages your package, we regret your loss.


All Pennsylvania state residents must add 6% to their order for sales tax.



We do not have the resources to extend credit. Therefore, payment must be made prior to the shipment of all orders. We accept checks, money orders, Paypal (account: and credit cards:

(Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express).

All payments must clear before orders are shipped. Credit card orders placed from outside the US must be paid through PayPal and shipped only to a verified address.



It is difficult to publish an accurate catalog, especially one that will be current for any length of time. Books are constantly being published, going out of print, and increasing in price. We regret any problems which result from these changes.



If materials ordered are no longer available, we will send a credit for that item. The credit may be used toward your next purchase or you can request a refund.



Returns are permitted for the following:

1) if you have received merchandise you did not order, or

2) the merchandise arrives to you damaged or defective.

 Postage is non-refundable. Music, videos, and computer software are not returnable once opened unless defective.



The materials listed in the catalog are offered as Bible study resources. This is not intended to be an endorsement of their entire contents or authors.



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